May 2018:

Changes according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented. Please read the updated Privacy Policy.

Parallel to the shop I am now using a new platform for selected content new and old, which is based on member areas:

"Bundle Sale 2018" active until 10th of june (extended because of GDPR-related downtime), "Legacy Sale 2018" open end, both -33%

Please bear in mind that

to avoid download problems for customers with slow internet connection ecomics larger than 24 MB are now ONLY provided as multi-part ZIP archives. If you are not sure how to handle multipart archives please check the FAQ or the ReadMe before you purchase. All downloads work if completed in less than 3 minutes. Your Internet Speed should be at least 200 KB/S. This should be no problem as broadbandinternet nowadays allows 120 MB/S or more. Even with some crappy Internet USB stick you should at least get 1 or 2 MB/S. Still I recommend not to download several files from your account simultanously, or your download might get corrupted or break off before completion ...

If you need support or have questions, I will usually react in three days or earlier (could take a little longer than you were used to, but I am atm very busy with other projects not able to check the shop each day). In case you don't get an answer please try again through a different channel (Site message or email or message board). I ALWAYS reply once I have received a message from a customer.