What content can I expect to find here?

bosArt has specialized on the "darker side of Art". Adult-oriented content: No rules, no mercy, no restrictions! You can expect to find erotic themes of special interest like fetish-oriented tales (for example shoe- and foot fetish, nylon fetish, tickling fetish, cultural and language fetish). But no pornography. All content is usually provided as ecomics in PDF format or less frequently as bundle of JPG pics (please check a product's description for details).

Do I need any special software to read an ecomic?

ecomics in PDF format can be read using the default software of most computers. If you are unable to open PDF format with your default software, you will need Acrobat Reader which can be obtained for free from www.adobe.com.

Do I need any special software to extract the archives containing my Ecomics?

ecomics in PDF format are packed into single or multi part ZIP archives. To extract the archives, you will need extracting software such as Winzip (www.winzip.com), Winrar (www.rarlab.com) or the Freeware programs Bandizip (www.bandisoft.com) or 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org) to unpack your purchase from the ZIP folder that it will arrive in. But most computers also have default software installed with which you can unzip files. In case of a multipart archive you have to download all parts into one folder. To extract the content of all parts, right click on the main ZIP part (extension *.zip)and choose "extract here" or, if you use an integrated unzipping feature like you have in Windows Explorer it just opens up in a new window and you can extract it from there.

extracting single- and multipart archives tested successfully with the following archivers (of course newer versions will also work): WinRAR 5.11, WinZip Pro 17.0, Bandizip 5.11, 7-Zip 16.01

Do I have to create an account?

Yes. As you will have to log in to access the download page, there is no other option. But if you use "LogIn through PayPal" your account will be created automatically and you will not have to worry about any passwords as PayPal will handle that for you. bosArt Webshop now uses SSL for all pages, so all of your data are secure.

What personal data do I have to provide?

The registration form is compliant to EU law for trading with virtual goods. Basically bosArt just needs a valid email address. We do not check the validity of other data you provide.

Why do I have to accept the Terms Of Service?

This is mandatory for Austrian, EU and international laws for online shopping. bosArt does his best to always comply to all national and international laws. So you don't have to expect anything extraordinary. No hidden surprises of any kind.

How can I pay?

At the moment we just accept payments through PayPal (including creditcard payment integrated in PayPal). You have to accept the terms of service before payment options are available.

How can use a discount voucher?

Your personal vouchers are listed in your account (vouchers valid for all customers do not show up here). If you can use vouchers at checkout it will show up in your shopping-cart summary. Just click on the voucher you would like to use and it will be copied automatically to the voucher field, then click okay to apply. After that your shopping-cart summary will be updated and the discount will show up.
ATTENTION: In case you use login via PayPal, the internal order summary might be replaced by the PayPal variant of the checkout page. In the PayPal variant of the checkout page vouchers will not show up. You can solve this problem by registering in the shop and logging into your regular shop-account instead of logging in via PayPal.

How do I handle free items?

Some publications are available for free. If you only have such items in your cart, you can't check out using paypal because the amount to be charged would be zero which is not supported by paypal. Just accept the terms and conditions on the order page and a button to conclude your order without payment will appear at the bottom of the page (it might take a few seconds before that button shows up).
ATTENTION: In case you use login via PayPal, you will not be able to order free products in case the amount to be charged is 0. You can solve this problem by registering in the shop and logging into your regular shop-account instead of logging in via PayPal.

How do I get my downloads after purchase?

After payment you will receive an email including the bill and download links for direct download. To prevent misusage of links provided by email, you have to be logged into your account to be able to download directly from email. If you are not logged in, you first get a message that "You are not authorized to download this item". After clicking "ok" you are then redirected to the webshop to log in. You don't have to download right away. You can also log into your account later and download the files you own from the subsection "my downloads". Files do not expire, but you have only a certain amount of download attempts (usually at least 12).

What can I do if a download is interrupted or broken?

In case of slower or unstable internet connection, download might be interrupted before completion which results in "corrupted" archive files. To avoid this, please make sure to download only one file at a time and always wait until a download is complete before starting the next one.

In case of a temporarily unstable internet connection, just try downloading the main archive file again after some time. There is no time limit.

What kind of emails will I receive from bosArt?

You will receive only emails to confirm your order, after payment has been received or when one of your files got updated. Only the order confirmation includes full article names in plain text. All other emails include only neutral archive names (for example 1501E01en.zip), links to your downloadable files, the website and your account.

What happens if an ecomic I purchased is updated?

You will receive an automatically generated email containing a download link using a neutral archive name (for example 1501E01en.zip). Of course you can also download the updated files if you log into your personal account.

When problems occur ...

For any additional queries, please contact bosArt by email at office@bosart.eu
and make sure you give as much information as possible in the email.